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Ethermore Dev Updates

Hey there adventurers! To help keep you all updated on what we’re working on behind the scenes we’ll be giving you weekly bite-sized updates in blog format. While we may not shout from the hills about it, our devs are always hard at work. Here’s what...

Introducing the Ethermore API

There are a large number of blockchain gaming projects or “Web 3” gaming projects that exist solely on a centralized platform. However, one of the goals of Web 3 and the metaverse is a seamless interconnection between standalone platforms. Furthermore, the allure of utility NFTs is...

Ethermore quests

The Quests of Ethermore

The fantasy world of Ethermore is vast, beautiful, and ancient. You can experience this world through the eyes of your Ethermore characters by playing through our quests. But be careful, every action you take has consequences. Every bandit you kill or innocent citizen you save...