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Ecosystem Announcement: Ethermore Has a Gaming Guild.

We are excited to announce that Moonlit Alliance will be coming under the Ethermore Ecosystem, operating as our very own blockchain gaming guild!

Moonlit Alliance is a well-respected guild in the web3 gaming landscape and is known for a culture of generosity, creativity and a welcoming environment.

The origins of Moonlit Alliance derive from multiple guilds banding together under one banner, so their diverse cast of leaders and content creators will seamlessly continue the culture that we value here at Ethermore.

This strategic partnership will not only benefit the community but expand multiple avenues for the Ethermore banner to fly in the wider web3 game space.

Not all web3 gamers or guilds are purely focused on play-to-earn, and neither are all web3 and blockchain games. It is important to have diversity as the web3 blockchain gaming environment grows and levels up. With this new partnership, we’ll be able to increase our presence in the play-to-earn space while maintaining focus on our unique vision for what the Ethermore Ecosystem can achieve.

The Guild co-founder, Lunakitten, is an experienced community and guild manager in the web3 gaming space and will be taking up a role in the Ethermore Core team as Community Manager. Along with Lunakitten, we are also partnering with other established content creators from Moonlit Alliance who will bring their streaming experience and enthusiasm to the Ethermore gaming space. Luna and the rest of the Alliance are committed to expanding the community atmosphere of the entire Ethermore Ecosystem for the benefit of all users and character holders.

What are the benefits of being a Moonlit Alliance Member?

Guild members will have the opportunity to participate in a variety of exclusive events and community gathering spaces, including but not limited to: game nights, play-to-earn tournaments, NFT giveaways, watch parties, viewing clubs, exclusive other NFT chat, and several verified channels to mingle and discuss different web3 topics.

How to Become a Member of the Guild?

All current and verified Ethermore holders may check their eligibility by meeting one or more of the following criteria:

  1. Possessing ownership, experience, and/or significant interest in web3 games and their respective assets.
  2. Being a content creator or leader from a reputable NFT project (NFT art, other gaming guilds, crypto projects, etc.).
  3. A direct referral from a Moonlit Council member.
  4. REQUIRED: all future/current members must adhere to a culture of diversity and integrity as it pertains to the web3 space.

Any Ethermore holders who may be questioning their ability to meet the criteria are encouraged to reach out to Lunakitten in the Ethermore server. More information on applying for Alliance membership will be released once the server integration is complete.


*All existing Moonlit Alliance Guild members will be grandfathered into the community.


What is next?

A transition period for community discords will take place over the month of December followed by an official ‘welcome to campus’ carnival day and a series of events in early 2022. The welcome carnival will be the first opportunity for the Ethermore community to interact with current Moonlit members and learn more about the future plans of the partnership. Stay tuned in to the Ethermore server for updates and an exact date for when the welcoming events will take place.

**For existing Moonlit Alliance members: the current discord server will effectively be shut down within the next month and the entirety of the Alliance will be migrated over to the Ethermore server and will operate out of verified channels there. Contact Lunakitten for any concerns about the server migration.

That’s all everyone! Stay tuned for more Ethermore updates. To learn more about Ethermore, check out some of our past articles:


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