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Ethermore Let’s Play: Chapter 1 – The Ruins of Nio Cegod

Welcome adventurers! Today, not only are we presenting you with Ethermore’s first-ever let’s play video, we also wanted to take this opportunity to showcase a new feature we’re thinking of adding. That feature is AI-generated synthetic audio narration for our quests.

This is a very rough version of what the final product could look and sound like, but we wanted to get a proof-of-concept up as soon as possible to see what everyone thinks of this.

Please take a look and let us know what you think in the YouTube comments!

The Ruins of Nio Cegod Quest Synopsis

Nio Cegod was said to have been a great civilization, made prosperous by citizens that loved their country with almost a religious zeal.

The King of Nio Cegod spent hundreds of thousands of Ether commissioning the greatest architects and blacksmiths of Ethermore to build secret mechanisms and weapons beyond imagination. You journey through the ruins with a party of 4: yourself, Ragnar the Wayfarer Barbarian, a Dwarf Monk called Gamlin, and Corinthia, an Elemental Windfall Sorcerer.

Find out what perils you will face and what treasure lies in wait for you in The Ruins of Nio Cegod.

How to Write for Us

Like what you saw in the video above? Interested in writing a quest of your own? If you have writing skills and a passion for building fantasy quests, we’d would be happy to publish your quest on our platform. Learn how to write for Ethermore here.


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