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Ethermore Town Square: Chapter 3 | Updates from the Dev Team, Quest Writing, and Moonlit Alliance

Hey Ethermore adventurers! In case you missed our last Town Square in Discord, we’ve uploaded it here for you all to catch up on.

This is a recording of our second official Ethermore Town Square where co-founder Dan Stone, Moonlit Alliance Founder Lunakitten, and Ethemore Town Crier Limarc Ambalina give project updates and tease a bit about what’s to come for this fantasy blockchain RPG that we’ve all come to know and love.

We’ve also summarized the updates in point form here:

  • Status effects now live in Quests: The Liberation of Ecnanib Hold
  • Writers can now add status effects as a consequence to a player’s choice in a quest
  • Each status effect changes the illustration of the character’s NFT on our platform
  • Working with illustrator to bring in items to Ethermore
  • Going through the illustrative process and have lots of items coming
  • Character Stats are also upcoming. We’ll be integrating typical RPG stats: strength, dexterity, wisdom etc.
  • We are talking to an Australian game studio in Adelaide to work with us for a new game idea
    to plug into our API. There are 2 working titles: Ethermore Arena or Ethermore Hunt
  • At the moment, decided not to take funding from investors, mainly because want Ethermore to be completely
    community-owned, and taking on investment would hinder that.

Watch the Video:


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