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Do I get to choose my Ethermore Hero?

No. Just like in life, randomness plays a huge role. We will randomly order all of the NFTs and then randomly select a starting point of distribution.

Can I trade after the drop?

Yes. All Ethermore NFTs follow the ERC-721 standard and, as such, can be transferred freely amongst Ethereum wallets. We will not provide a secondary marketplace on this website and have no control over users creating secondary markets on third-party websites.

Why does the cost change?

The price of Ethermore NFTs are on a ramping schedule, this is to reward early backers.

Can I get more than one?

Of course, but you are limited to 15 per transaction. You can always try to get more or the one you want after the drop on the secondary market.

What if I buy just before the price tier ends?

If you mint more than one NFT near the end of a price tier, there’s a chance of a price slip. So for example, the current NFT for sale is 2999 (1 left for price change from 0.05 to 0.1 ETH), if you mint 10 NFTs at this point, you must be careful to have enough money for this transaction.

How rare is mine?

Each hero is unique, no two are the same, but some Ethermore Heroes have rarer traits than others.